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Make a report

Make a report

Dishonest or fraudulent behaviour occurring in your workplace can affect your organisation. Report It Now’s whistleblowing service allows you to report any incident securely, confidentially and anonymously.

Once reported, the incident will be investigated by an independent Report It Now® Protected Disclosure Officer and your company’s Report It Now® representative will be made aware of the issue. You will be kept informed throughout each stage of the process.

How to make a report

As we progress over to our new software, EthicsPro®, it is important we provide you with as much help as possible to ensure this transition is smooth for everyone.

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The process

Report It Now® is an independent organisation that works with companies to foster honest workplace environments. This is as much for the benefit of the business as it is for you – the employee. Research has shown organisations that have a system in place, in particular an independent hotline, have significantly increased the detection of dishonest behaviour.