Report It Now® launches formal Exit Interview service

A new over-the-phone Exit Interview service from Report It Now® connects Kiwi employers with insights into what their outgoing employees really think… 

Hamilton, New Zealand 04/03/2023

Whistleblower technology company Report It Now Global Ltd has launched a new over-the-phone Exit Interview service designed to provide Report It Now clients with true insight into their organisations. 

“Professionally-led, formal Exit Interviews are hugely valuable for organisations of all shapes and sizes, because they provide crucial feedback from departing employees that can help improve work environments, reduce employee turnover, and identify potential issues before they become larger problems,” says Greg Dunn, director of Report It Now.

“But research shows that internal exit interview programs often fail to improve retention or produce genuinely useful outcomes, either from a lack of data quality – outgoing employees, for a variety of reasons, are often less than candid – or from problems turning that data into insight, or that insight into an actionable plan.” 

Actionable insights

Report It Now’s new third-party Exit Interview service is designed to remedy that issue, providing clear insight into what outgoing employees are thinking, revealing potential or actual problems in an organisation, and shedding light on the competitive landscape. 

The new service will be provisioned by interviewer Krysia Grant, a Wairarapa-based HR expert with more than 30 years of experience in the field. 

“A third-party interviewer can bring a lot to the Exit Interview process that someone internal can’t,” says Grant. “An independent interviewer doesn’t have the same history with the person being interviewed, so they are in the unique position to explore issues impartially, to question things in a way that might be difficult for an internal person, and to provide that space for people to speak honestly.”

“A professionally-led interview really helps to bypass that baggage so that genuine insight can be surfaced.”

The human touch

“Krysia brings deep professional and personal experience to the role,” says Report It Now Director, Craig McFarlane. “She has a deep understanding of organisational dynamics, knowing when there’s more to the story, and she has the wisdom to explore and clarify things in a way that our clients can really leverage in their businesses.” 

“With Report It Now’s new face-to-face Exit Interview service, organisations can demonstrate that they value an outgoing employee’s feedback, create lifelong advocates for the organisation, and free up staff to focus on the higher value activities, such as implementing initiatives that strengthen staff engagement.”

“We’re delighted to be bringing this important service to our clients,” says Dunn. “Our exit interviews identify directly what action is most valuable to a business and what’s needed to keep people. Not what might keep them – but what will keep them.”

The benefits of a third-party exit interview service

  1. Honest Feedback – Independence increases accuracy and honesty and removes bias. Only an independent party has the legal status to offer a truly confidential communication channel – if that is required for honesty.
  2. A personal experience – Employees have often given years of their life to the organisation they are leaving. Asking for their feedback with another online survey can communicate a low care factor. Involving a person in this interview increases completion rates and shows you value their views.
  3. Efficient use of your people’s time and skills Allows your people to focus on the higher value activities of debriefing reports, and analysing and implementing of initiatives to address those trends.
  4. Leverage our deep expertise – We use an experienced business professional to conduct the interviews. They have the professional and life experience to listen and understand deeply, to explore, clarify, code responses correctly and know when there’s more to the story. 
  5. No-fuss – Once an interview request is made, we take it off your plate. From there you simply receive and/or create reports on the data.
  6. Continual improvement – Our feedback allows your organisation to benefit from new insights, ideas and interview questions gained through our work across different sectors, different employee types and organisations of different sizes. We will share generalised & anonymised feedback from all of our clients with all our clients.

Report It Now’s Exit Interview service is available now. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Report It Now directly.  

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