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Ethical reports plunge in 2021

ethical reports

Ethical reports plunge in 2021 Due to the effects of the global pandemic, organisational ethical reports have plunged – especially in Asia That’s according to a report from Navex which finds a global decline in ethical report numbers – the…

All about ISO 37002

Iso 37002

The new ISO 37002 international standard for whistleblowing systems has just been released. What’s the new standard all about? And what does ISO 37002 mean for the way organisations manage their whistleblowing systems?   What is ISO 37002? Simply put, ISO…

Does fraud awareness training pay?

ethics training

There’s now a wealth of research that shows that a well-trained workforce is one of your best defences against internal corruption. There are many things that go into creating a robust ethical culture in an organisation. Among them, clear expectations…