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Winning Voice Podcast ep 1: Katherine Bradshaw

Report It Now Podcast Series: Winning Voice

Today sees the launch of the Report it Now series on speaking up entitled ‘Winning Voice’. Winning Voice is brought to you by The Ethics Conversation and interviewer Craig Dowling.

For over a year Report it Now has been developing a podcast that explores the world of whistleblowing and speaking up. This new series will include interviews with those tasked with encouraging speak up culture and those responsible for determining how processes that support speaking up will be applied – as well as the whistleblowers themselves.

The new report It Now podcasts will introduce you to a range of global experts, researchers and people who have had first hand experience in culture audits, as well as behavioural experts who can shed light on the emotional journey of whistleblowers and the triggers that lead to wrongdoing.

In this first episode we talk to Katherine Bradshaw of the National Guardian’s Office UK.

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