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EthicsPro®: Ethics Management Software for Enterprise

Maintaining honesty and trust is crucial for protecting your company’s reputation and success. However, managing ethical reporting duties can be challenging, especially for larger organisations with complex structures. That’s why we created EthicsPro®.

What is EthicsPro®?

Developed by Report It Now™, EthicsPro® is an Enterprise Case Management System that allows organisations to run, track and manage their ethical reporting duties in an automated, intuitive way that follows best-practice models. 

This ultra-secure software has been precisely engineered to integrate seamlessly with your current enterprise systems, delivering a smart, fully customisable reporting solution capable of scaling and growing alongside your business needs.

EthicsPro® keeps honesty and trust at the centre of everything you do.


  1. Anonymous Reporting – Providing multi-channel anonymous hotlines provisioned by trained disclosure officers, EthicsPro® enables anonymous employee reporting anywhere, anytime. When staff safe and comfortable bringing unethical conduct to light without fear of reprisal or negative repercussions against them, they speak up.
  2. Confidential Dialogue – Maintaining clear, open and confidential communication is a core focus. The software facilitates a secure channel for dialogue between staff and employers throughout every stage of the reporting process to uphold transparency and trust.
  3. User-Friendly Interface – Finding your way around couldn’t be simpler thanks to the all-new intuitive interface. Navigation and case management are straightforward for anyone, minimising time spent on training and maximising efficiencies.
  4. Automated Processes – Vital workflow features like one-touch case allocation, automatic email notifications and automated reporting take the manual labour out of ethical oversight and ensure issues get addressed promptly and effectively every time.
  5. Extensive Customisation – EthicsPro® offers exceptional customisation capabilities including bespoke reporting forms, unique dual-branded landing pages for your organisation, and the ability to precisely tailor investigation plans to fit your specific requirements.

At its core, EthicsPro® operates on a robust triage system that triages and prioritises cases based on severity into high, medium and low categories. It follows a defined hierarchy of accountability that loops in all relevant parties – from board members and CEOs through to designated investigators and complainants themselves. This structured approach guarantees ethical concerns get the proper level of urgency and attention, with full transparency so everyone stays informed as the case progresses.

Secure, Compliant, Accessible 

You can rest assured your organisation’s sensitive data is in safe hands. EthicsPro® meets the highest security benchmarks, with rigorous OWASP testing conducted by independent cybersecurity firm, CyberCX. The software is fully compliant with all relevant employment legislation and recording/disclosure requirements to minimise legal risks.

EthicsPro® has been optimised for maximum accessibility across your workforce. It offers multi-language options and is designed to be device-agnostic, functioning seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobile so employees can report ethical breaches whenever needed, wherever they are.

EthicsPro® automatically logs every call made, capturing valuable data, even for incomplete submissions. This provides a rich information source about potential blockers or obstacles that may be preventing staff from speaking up. With these insights, you can proactively identify and remove barriers to create a more open, transparent ethical culture.

EthicsPro® is a complete software solution for ethical reporting. By providing an all-in-one, user-friendly solution for managing every aspect of the process, EthicsPro® empowers organisations of any size to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability across their operations. 

With best-in-class features, extensive customisation capabilities and stringent security credentials, it’s the ethical game-changer you’ve been waiting for. 

Don’t let ethical lapses go unaddressed – partner with Report It Now™ to support your ethical practices and protect your reputation.

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