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Whistleblowing services for enterprise

Why should organisations use external whistleblowing services to manage whistleblowing?  

Serious wrongdoing – including fraud, harassment, bullying and safety violations – poses a real risk to organisations of all sizes. When workplace wrongdoing goes unchecked, it undermines customer confidence, profitability, health and safety and employee wellbeing.  

Working with a whistleblowing service helps create organisations that:

  • Prevent fraud, harassment and bullying from occurring
  • Avoid reputational damage
  • Minimise losses from theft
  • Protect and support employees
  • Demonstrate good governance and an ethical commitment from leadership 
  • Create a culture of trust

Whistleblowing works

How do you support honesty and integrity in your organisation? 

No workplace is perfect. Employers should see whistleblowing as an early warning system about areas of concern in their business. International research suggests that, as a guideline, the ideal number of whistleblower submissions that any company should receive per annum is 2.3% of your team headcount. 

The ACFE estimates that organisations lose 5% percent of revenue every year to fraud. But research also shows that organisations which safeguard the well-being of their employees, and have procedures and policies in place to prevent unethical conduct, are less at risk from dishonest and fraudulent behaviour.

Simply put, organisations with hotlines detect fraud more quickly and have lower losses than organisations without hotlines. 

Whistleblowing services help maintain reputation

Businesses have a legal obligation to support employees when they encounter wrongdoing in the workplace. 

When issues are raised through internal channels, they can be handled quickly and discreetly. 

By making an internal report, employees are less likely to take their complaint to an external body. Anonymous whistleblowing systems give employees the opportunity to speak up when they encounter wrongdoing in the workplace, and ethical violations can be dealt via the proper channels – before they escalate or are made public. 

Similarly, a positive workplace culture helps enhance an organisation’s reputation. Whistleblowing services like Report It Now promote integrity and can be specifically tailored to your organisation’s culture and code of conduct.

Whistleblowing services help create a speak up culture

A whistleblowing service promotes integrity and improves employee and customer satisfaction.

Whistleblowing services – such as staff training, third party reporting hotlines etc – help build a workplace of trust and a culture of integrity and honesty. Research has shown us that an independent and confidential whistleblowing hotline, or web-based system, will minimise the risk of unethical behaviour, e.g fraud and bullying.

When your employees encounter wrongdoing in the workplace, who can they tell? Enlisting a whistleblowing services company such as Report It Now provides a confidential, multi-channel disclosure service with empathetic, trained disclosure officers. 

When an employee speaks up they will know that their disclosure is confidential, is taken seriously and will be followed up appropriately. Whistleblowing software solutions such as EthicsPro® keep the disclosers informed of the progress of their submission, while maintaining anonymity and providing you with detailed and accurate reporting. 

Setting up a whistleblower hotline

Report It Now provides independent, confidential, and professional whistleblower services to enterprise organisations, corporate entities and the public sector. 

Report It Now® provides organisations with an effective system to prevent unethical conduct. Operating independently from your internal processes, we empower your employees to report suspected wrongdoing for the benefit of your business.

  • Support in-house education & analysis
  • Bespoke & unique case management system – Ethicspro®
  • Ultra-secure, multi-channel disclosure system
  • Confidential whistleblowing hotline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

To learn more about Report It Now and customised whistleblowing services, or for a free, confidential assessment, click here

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